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Cared by Sisters

A True Family Home

We strive to provide seniors a home-like environment in a private and comfortable family residence. Our senior care home is fully equipped and the three sisters are more than capable of bringing forward exceptional care and services that will allow seniors to live fully and as independently as they want. With us, you become part of our family, and you are cared for as our family. 

Dealing with COVID

Now more than ever, a small family home is the best place for seniors to live in. At our home, we have capacity for up to 6 seniors, allowing for dedicated time to maintain the highest standards of prevention, care, and safety for everyone. The health and safety of our seniors is our first priority, and we have incorporated all the CDC guidelines to deal effectively with COVID-19 and to safeguard the well-being of each of them.

We praise ourselves for being qualified to deliver exceptional service to our seniors, and we are prepared to do that as it relates to this global health outbreak.


  • Tony B.

    TONY B.

    “I’ve known the Chacon sisters for many years, and it’s so special to see their unconditional camaraderie, love, and support for each other in everything they do together.

    It’s no surprise why Cared by Sisters is a success. It’s their dedication, combined selflessness and rare, exceptional hospitality (always with a sense that people come first) that make this such a unique home.”


    “Martha is pure sunshine. She is full of energy, one of the most optimistic humans I’ve ever met, and has a contagious zest for life. ”


    “Marisol fills you with a sense of adventure and curiosity for life, that inspires and makes you feel like what you want to achieve is possible. She radiates joy and enthusiasm that lights up any room she’s in. ”


    ““A “yes” person in the best way. She’s action driven, a starter, and tackles the hardest problems with ease. She’s perseverant and always makes you feel like she has your back, no matter what. ”