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We focus on what matters: keeping them safe and keeping them loved.


Our commitment as caregivers is to provide exceptional, personalized care, transforming senior years into happy years.

Core Values

The premium services we deliver are guided by our core values:
  • Generosity

    The more we give, the happier we get. It is through others that our lives become meaningful.

  • Optimism

    Everything happens for a reason, and in hindsight, every reason is a good reason in life….to learn, to be a better person, to enjoy life to the fullest.

  • Family

    Treat others as you would like to be treated….like family! Nothing provides more well being than knowing someone’s got our backs.

Meet the Sisters


Martha The Generous Spirit

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Marisol The Optimistic Explorer

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Zoily The Fearless Perseverant

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Right now, more than ever, personalized attention matters. Seniors need a place that keeps them safe and adheres to all life-safety codes. Our home does that and more. We enrich the lives of independent seniors by giving the right balance of physical and emotional care so that they live their life to the fullest.

CARED BY SISTERS (CBS) is a residence that offers home care services to seniors. We provide a place to live that is comfortable, private, and contains all of what they may need in an everyday living setting. We also offer balanced meals, transportation to errands, and places to relax/interact and be cared for and feel part of a family. All this in an exceptionally clean and sanitized space.

For those seniors who feel like they are a “burden” and who are looking for a way to live independently but with the reassurance and safety of still being cared for, CBS provides them with the personalized physical and emotional care they need so that they feel reenergized, alive, and empowered.

This is because only CBS makes them feel like family in an environment that nurtures, connects them to a community of like-minded seniors who thrive, and offers a staff committed to an exceptional level of care.