Live comfortably with us

At CARED BY SISTERS (CBS), seniors move to their “own home.” The spacious house has private or semi-private accommodations with their individual en-suite bathrooms to offer all the privacy someone wants. All common areas of the house are open for the enjoyment of all and can be used at any time. A large backyard and deck are inviting for walks and enjoyment of the outdoors.

We believe that the emotional care of our seniors is as important as their physical care. To that end, we spend time with our seniors on a daily basis offering companionship and conversation. Additionally, we encourage them to engage with other seniors at mealtimes or during planned events and outings. The house is also open for each senior to invite their friends and families whenever they want for planned small gatherings.

At CBS, seniors live like in their own house without having to worry about anything. The 5,000 square meter home is for them to enjoy, both indoors and outdoors. We take care of the housekeeping, their personal laundry, the maintenance of the grounds so that they just enjoy the company of the sisters and other seniors. We offer transportation to medical visits, church outings, social/community events, and even incidental and planned transportation.